VP Senior DRE Processor - Northern California Builder Services Division
E: Leena.Gurtis@fnf.com

Leena Gurtis serves as Subdivision Consultant, and has been an important member of the Builder Services team of professionals for over 12 years. She currently handles the DRE processing for all builder clients throughout Northern California.

Success in our business begins with the relationships we build, and the level of service we are willing and able to provide our clients. I am proud to be a part of the premier provider of builder services in Northern California.

Leena has fostered tremendous relationships with the DRE. She has terrific communication and computer skills, assisting our builder clients with their DRE processing so that their reports are issued in a timely manner to meet their sales programs. She is diligent to stay up to date on all current State of California DRE information, laws and regulations affecting the builder’s applications to the State of California.